We would like you to be a part of Hawaii’s largest Hispanic cultural event.

The festival showcases various aspects of the Hispanic culture, with a Keiki corner, food booths, crafters, community and health agencies; including live entertainment featuring local and international artists. The festival allows local entrepreneurs to showcase their products to thousands of people who attend the festival. Past year’s festival attracted over 12,000 local and tourist populations.

We encourage you to participate in this popular event by purchasing the appropriate booth. The magnitude of this event, the exposure it creates, and the opportunities it provides for public contact, will benefit you.

We hope you will support and be a part of us, as we bring to Hawaii the biggest event in the Hispanic community.

If you have any question or need any assistance, please contact Nancy Ortiz at 808-285-0072 or Gena at 808-778-3334.

This year we are offering booths for: Business, Specialty Items, Craft Booths, Food Booths and Health/Non-Profit Booths.

For more information, please download: Letter to Vendors

Specialty Booth – $400

Download Specialty Booth Application HERE


Craft Booth – $300

Download Craft Booth Application HERE


Health and Non-Profit Community Agency – $100

Download Health and Non-Profit Application HERE

Business Booth – $1500

Download Business Booth Application HERE

Food & Snack Booth – $600

Download Food Both Application HERE

Download Food Permit HERE