We are thrilled to have DJ Juan Letgo for this year’s festival.

Juan A. Serrano aka Juan Letgo is a Puerto Rican DJ, Remixer, and aspiring Music Producer and Radio DJ. He was born and raised in Carolina, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

His creative vein started at a young age in the plastic arts. Later on, his creative mind turned and opted for music. In his early days as a DJ, he DJ’ed practically every family and friend’s birthdays and house parties. As a Coast Guard veteran and spouse of an active duty member, he has traveled the mainland and DJ’ed in military functions, clubs, bars, and restaurants of almost every city he set foot in. He had the honor and the most amazing experience in 2017 when he DJ’ed the 242nd US Marine Corp Birthday Ball at Sunset, FL.

Now he prefers gigs in Latin and Hip Hop clubs, bars, and restaurants where the crowds are more energetic and vibrant. The type of crowd that like the dynamic and bouncy beats he loves to play and create. Having grown up in the Golden Era of multiple genres; helped influence his DJ sets and the music he creates and produces. These colorful and diverse influences fill his work and music selection with iconic sounds and hidden gems from all times, past and present. Although his initial training was in a pair of cheap turntables spinning vinyl (the original and old-school tools of the trade), the convenience, versatility, and tools that enable creativity on the fly provided by the new era of digital controllers is the one that he likes the most.

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